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An entrepreneur and MarTech fanatic, specializing in website development and digital marketing, eager to lead more small business to digital transformation.
Young Liu
Young Liu,
Founder & CEO at Leader Web Design
An experienced business leader with specialisation in sales, marketing digital strategy, and a passion for lifelong learning and development.
Martin Broadhurst
Martin Broadhurst,
CEO at Broadhurst Digital
A digital entrepreneur who likes to transform one business market at a time. He is also a C-Founder of an award-winning digital marketing agency with clients and projects worldwide.
Alston Antony
Alston Antony,
CEO at Digital Marketing Mind
A MarTech Evangelist with over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field, complemented by a demonstrated track record in driving growth and achieving significant ROIs from digital & performance marketing activities.
Karim Soliman
Karim Soliman,
Founder of SBKits
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