Keyword research made easy

Get millions of keyword suggestions from the biggest keyword database on the market and pick the best ones for you in just a few clicks.

Get Insights From Powerful Metrics

Each suggested keyword is accompanied by a range of metrics that provide valuable insight from only the most recent data.

Search Volume
The average number of monthly searches of a particular keyword over 12 months. Enables you to gauge keyword frequency.
The level of interest in a search query over 12 months. Enables you to see how often a keyword has been Googled over the last year.
Cost Per Click
The average price for a user's click on an ad. You can use this to find keywords relevant to your seed that frequently attract users.
Keyword Difficulty
The level of difficulty (in percentage) of outperforming competitors. Use this to find the most frequently used keywords relevant to your seed from the top 20 URLs.
Allintitle / GKR
This represents all the top search engine results pages which contain the seed in their title. Use this to quickly sift through competition and adapt new content strategies.
Keyword Trending
Shows how certain keywords fluctuate in search volume for the span of two consecutive months. This can help locate seasonally ranking keywords.

Locate Golden Keywords With Ease

Keyword Golden Ratio is a metric that shows how many other pages are competing for this keyword - lower the ratio better the chances to rank on Google.

  • Use the Keyword Golden Ratio metric to find keywords with low competition yet have high search volume.
  • Get the most relevant search results and high-converting suggestions even for non-specific topics.
  • Estimate monthly traffic from search engines with 99% accuracy.
  • Investigate the potential of long-tail keywords that are high-ranking and experience low competition.
  • WriterZen takes my keyword research process several steps shorter and easier with exclusive, time features. Value for money is hardly beatable!
    Chamal Rathnayaka, Founder at Pitiya

    Automatically Cluster Keywords With 100% Accuracy

    Make use of the data representation to categorize keywords based on their relevance, popularity, part of speech and so on compared to the seed.

  • Group keywords into clusters to engage a wider sample space to rank your content.
  • Use keywords from different groups to properly organize your content.
  • Take advantage of keywords that are automatically clustered by relevance using our patent AI.
  • Maximize the traffic potential of your page by engaging insights from different clusters.
  • Generate insightful content topics using separate but closely related keywords.
  • WriterZen has a clean, intuitive UI which provides a great UX and workflow for SEO users. This makes really easy and fast to do Keyword research.
    Rodrigo Palma, Appsumo user

    Generate Quality Ideas Using The Insight Generator

    This offers a range of precise and useful metrics that can be analyzed to provide a better understanding of how to best fit keywords into your content.

  • Use the audience's most frequent suggestions to fill gaps in your content.
  • Score the most popular topics and questions based on user's search intents.
  • Reverse engineer your competitor’s content strategy and explore your opportunities.
  • Understand exactly where to invest you content marketing in.
  • Save All Your Keywords In One Place

    Select and add an array of your favorite keywords into a custom list in order to easily access, share and use it another time.

  • Choose your desired keywords and save them into the Keyword List.
  • Keep all your priority keywords in a single list for easy access.
  • Create up to 50 of your own databases of 1000 keywords each.
  • Right now, WriterZen provides long-form SEO-focused writing better than many other tools in the market. The keyword research part is fantastic and easy to use. It also shows opportunities for keywords.
    Ruhani Rabin, Chief of Product at

    Here's what our users think

    “WriterZen has a clean, intuitive UI which provides a great UX and workflow for SEO users. This makes really easy and fast to do Keyword research.”
    Nazmul Hasan, Owner at Nazmul Tech Tips
    “Hands down! One of the best keyword research tool in the market. WriterZen has given me freedom to revisit the most difficult niches with confidence.”
    Josh IK, CKey Account Manager at UnitedSEO

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