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How AI Can Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy

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How AI Can Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy

As the digital world grows and becomes increasingly advanced, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) has made its mark in content marketing. 

It can be said that AI helps improve the content creation process’ efficiency considerably by saving time for people to do keyword research, search engine optimization, reviewing data, analytics, trends, and content writing.

What Is AI and Its Relation to Content Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI, refers to machines with abilities that mimic cognitive functions associated with the human mind, specifically learning and problem-solving.

When it comes to content marketing, many stages can be very time-consuming and repetitive. That's why AI content marketing comes into play.

AI content marketing is a concept that describes the integration of AI and machine learning programs into content tools. These content marketing tools assist in content planning, creation, distribution, analysis, and reporting.

How Can AI Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy?

While a machine program can’t do creative writing, AI can be extremely useful in your content marketing process. Below are ten ways AI tools can make your content marketing more productive and efficient.

Ten Ways that AI Can Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy

Diversify Content Marketing Strategies

According to experts, the rule of thumb is to spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% promoting it. This rule is smart but rarely followed.

Promoting your content on social media is very time-consuming. You must create different copies for your updates, design attractive visuals, write captivating captions, and much more.

Often, these repetitive tasks are what overwhelm content marketers. So they turn to automation tools to get new content from RSS feeds and share it across their social media platforms.

AI provides more effective and productive promotion by helping marketers create social media copies, multimedia content, and captions.

Organize Content Briefs

Planning a content asset requires plenty of collaboration and time. Everyone can add their input for the content brief, from the SEO manager to the sales and customer support teams. Every productive content creation process needs a content brief to guide the writer in crafting the content piece.

This is when AI content writing tools, such as WriterZen’s AI Writing Tool, can be helpful. It can gather several different data points into one conclusive summary for your team to use. To find out how to use the AI writing tool, click here.

AI grammar check tools can also be used in the creative writing process to help your AI story writer create a more readable and better-structured copy.

Proofread Content

Proofreading content can be a tedious and time-consuming task, which is why it’s great to use AI to help save time and enhance the quality of your copy.

Online grammar tools use artificial intelligence to learn each person’s writing habits and provide suggestions based on their style.

These tools also learn from their interactions with each user. For example, if you ignore the same suggestion, the tool will learn not to suggest it anymore.

Get a Better Understanding of the Target Audience

AI content generators are handy to organizations, website owners, content creators, and bloggers to better understand their target audience. Having a better understanding will assist them in creating more relevant and valuable content. 

Content creators can use these tools to improve the type of content they publish to provide more relevant content to their target audience. They will be able to modify their content to match their audience’s search intention and get higher in search engine results. 

Use Predictive AI for Data Collection

Companies can use predictive AI to collect data on their customers. The tools will make it easier to collect data manually by interacting with their clients or customers. AI generators can collect all this information and convert them into helpful reports.

Businesses can then use these reports to create content that’s useful to their target audience to improve their interaction with your brand, business, or blog. 

Improve Content Creation with User Insights

For any business or website that wants to create a better customer experience, blogs are essential. Artificial intelligence can monitor how customers interact with your blog pages and provide feedback on their behavior.

Organizations can use artificial intelligence to assist their content marketers and creators in brainstorming new potential topic ideas and how they can improve on older, existing posts

Easily Communicate with Clients

AI content generator tools can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand, collect and recreate human speech. With NLP and chatbots, businesses can effectively and quickly interact with their clients and provide them with assistance and information online. 

Work through Writer’s Block

Dealing with writer’s block can be a frustrating part of the content creation process. Writer’s block can occur especially when writer’s frequently deal with the same topic which can be typical for many content marketers when writing for social media or blogs. 

An AI content writer can assist writers by generating the first draft in minutes. Without AI content generators, this work would typically be handed out to the junior writers in the content marketing team. 

Assist with Content Research 

Quality research is an essential step of content marketing. Many marketers underestimate this step in the process, but without research, content marketers won’t have a clear idea of their goals or target audience. 

Publishing research-based, whether it’s AI-generated content or written by a human, will improve your customers’ journey. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey that showed that more than 90% would do their research when it comes to making an important decision. 

Most of this research will start online with digital tools that include the following: 

  • Apps

  • Search engines/Internet

  • Forums and comments

  • Social media

  • Online reviews

  • Videos 

  • Podcasts

The main point to take away from this is that readers, users, and customers will use online information from trusted web resources. This is also why it’s important to build a reputation as a trusted authority figure in your industry. 

Creating niche content that’s been thoroughly researched will only add value to your organization’s services or products. This will lead to more conversions thanks to your high-quality and relevant content.

Define a Clear Direction for Content Creation

An effective AI content generator tool will assist content creators in finding out which keywords and key phrases they should be targeting in their content. The tool does this by displaying opportunity and competitive keywords that should be included in your draft.

An AI generator tool will automatically generate a list of pre-set keywords and search queries from actual users that you can include in your content. With this list at their disposal, content creators will have a clear idea of which direction their content should be going. This is especially helpful during the drafting phase.

Avoiding Common Problems when Using AI for Content Marketing

Algorithms Aren’t Always Right

As wonderful as artificial intelligence is, its algorithms are no match for human content writers or readers. We as human beings are always changing, and everyone has different tastes and preferences that a computer’s algorithm can’t simplify. 

So if content creators rely solely on an AI writing generator to produce content without checking that it’s relevant or doing any round of edits to eliminate any errors, they could end up publishing low-quality content. This could lead to very human readers quickly becoming frustrated and moving on from your website. 

The best way to avoid algorithm errors as much as possible is to monitor the AI content generator tools that you use. If you’re planning on using a new AI content generator, carefully use this new tool across your inbound marketing program. 

AI Writers Lack Creativity

When it comes to content writing and storytelling, AI content writers are no substitute for human creativity. AI content generators, no matter how intelligent they are, can’t make creative choices or go back on their decision if it was a mistake. 

So when content marketers completely rely on an AI article writer to do all their creative thinking for them, they could end up creating content that feels generic and unnatural. 

Ryan Law, the VP of Content at Animalz, tested some AI content writers to test if they could write content with a consistent narrative that is objective. These qualities are essential to creating high-quality content that gets high rankings. 

With these tests, Law found that the content produced with these tools had a few common problems. These problems included: 

  • Lack of insightful content - The tested tools couldn’t share new perspectives or do any research. 

  • Lack of evidence - Because these tools couldn’t do research, they could provide very little evidence in their content. At worst, they often included false quotes and evidence. 

  • Inconsistent narrative - The AI-generated blog posts lacked a consistent narrative and struggled to string together ideas in a way that sounded natural. 

To avoid this problem, marketers should not overuse AI blog writers as human writers are still ultimately the best choice for creating content for websites.

Content creators will also be able to create a consistent narrative, share new perspectives, and string together related ideas naturally and authentically. 

Repeating Typos and Errors

When understanding how a content AI writer works, it’s important to understand that these tools are not editors. Typically, these tools will create content based on the material found across the web. 

This means that the AI content generator will create content that’s plagued with the same errors found in similar content. These errors will include false information and fake news, poor grammar and punctuation, nonsensical sentences, and poor explanations. In the worst cases, the generated content might include the writer’s notes or a website code. 

The best way to avoid these repeated errors in your content is to have your content edited and proofread before posting it online. It’s recommended that you employ an editor or proofreader to double-check your content for anything that doesn’t make sense, typos, grammar, and punctuation errors, especially when it’s AI-generated content. 

Don'ts and Do's in AI Writing

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence in content marketing is a great way to reach and communicate with your target audience. It is a personalized approach that makes it easier for your customers to relate to and consume the content - ultimately increasing your conversion rate.

If you want to learn more about AI and how it can enhance your content marketing strategy, consider checking out our course ChatGPT in Content Marketing, which covers various aspects of AI.

Additionally, to help you implement AI in your content production, WriterZen's Keyword Planner with AI Assistant is a powerful tool to offer content briefs for your chosen keywords and assist you in creating content.

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Table of content
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