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Blog This AI Writing Tool Fits into Content Workflows to Augments, Not Replace Writers’ Creativity

This AI Writing Tool Fits into Content Workflows to Augments, Not Replace Writers’ Creativity

writerzen WriterZen
Software Company
| May 09 | 8 min read
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This AI Writing Tool Fits into Content Workflows to Augments, Not Replace Writers’ Creativity

A whopping $62.5 billion! 

The AI industry would be worth that much in 2022, per Gartner’s 2022 study. It means, just between 2021 and 2022, the sector grew by over 21.3%. 

Why are we sharing this, you ask? 

It's simple. 

Where there's sugar, you're bound to find ants. 

Likewise, the proliferation of AI content writing tools now everywhere on the internet are mostly attempts at getting a slice of the industry's cake.

Being a content manager yourself, we bet you've seen or played with some AI writing tools making bold claims of replacing human content writers. 

But will they?

Will AI Writing Replace Human Content Writers? 

Let us rephrase the question.

Can AI writing tools replace you? And by extension, render your years of SEO and content marketing expertise useless? 

Well, let's hear from someone at the forefront of this innovation.

“A.I. is not playing out like anyone expected,” said Greg Brockman, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of OpenAI. “It felt like it was going to do this job and that job and everyone was trying to figure out which one would go first. Instead, it is replacing no jobs.”

OpenAI built Generative Pre-trained Transformer-3 (GPT-3). 

And GPT-3 is at the core of most AI writing tools. 

So when Greg, its CTO, says the technology powering this innovation won't replace your job, at least not anytime soon, those words should calm your nerves.

However, it should also get you thinking.

"If AI writing software," you should ask yourself, "isn't taking my job away, how can I use it to my advantage and improve my job as a content marketer?"

If you've ever pondered that, then you'll love WriterZen's AI writing feature

We say this because of customer reviews like this:

WriterZen review on G2

WriterZen review on G2

The WriterZen team observed right from the start of this trend that AI wasn't going to match the ingenuity and creativity of content marketers like you. It's why we didn't jump onto the AI writing software bandwagon trying to build something to replace you.


Instead, we built ours to complement your efforts by fitting it right into a simplified content workflow you can rely on. This way, it enables your SEO research efforts while also augmenting your creativity to produce higher-ranking articles your customers will love. 

In this post, you'll see how all the pieces fit together. 

But first...

The Problem with How Most AI Content Writing Tools Work

Over a century ago, Emmert Wolf wrote:

"A [wo]man is only as good as how well he can use his tools."

Bringing those timeless words to AI writing tools means if it isn't set up for effective use, then it doesn't matter how much they promise to do. 

It may have many features to offer; you just won’t get the most out of it.

And with that comes the two problems with most AI content software:

Spitting Words Out of Context

Animalz is a leading content marketing agency with over 100 employees. 

Their VP of Content, Ryan Law, tested a couple of AI writing tools, including: 

AI & Writing Technologies from Animalz

A reason for testing these softwares was to see if they could produce content that's rich with an objective and cohesive narrative. As you'll agree, this is crucial for creating excellent, top-ranking content strategy for SEO.

Here's the result of his test: 

Writing blog posts with GPT-3 from Animalz

As you can see, while they may be good at scouring the web to produce informative content to some extent, most AI tools fall short in a critical area.

And that's in crafting contextual content specific to your customers' needs. 

Mostly Operates as Siloed Solutions

This 2nd problem is a direct consequence of the first. 

"Type a few words, describe your product, hit a button, and you'll get all your content written in less than a minute." Most AI content writing software promises this. 

But that's a half-baked promise of productivity.

For AI software to work, it shouldn't just be at one extreme end, waiting to crank out words. A lot, like researching and discovering topics, understanding your audience, selecting keywords and search queries, creating outlines, and building content briefs, is required before the actual writing.

And without these crucial steps, it's hard to produce exceptional content. 

So this siloed approach to building these tools as "faster-writing" tools makes it a problem. They'll work better being part of the entire content creation workflow

So what should a good one have?

What a Good AI Content Writing Tool Should Have

Mind you, the problems outlined above don't render AI tools useless.

It all comes down to figuring out what a good one should have and using it to your advantage. 

Ryan Law, after testing a couple of them, pointed out what good AI writing software should do.

According to him, a good one should assist, not completely generate words for content writers. So he called on content marketers to embrace AI-assisting options while frowning at complete AI-generating options. 

Here’s his final message: 

A final message from GPT-3 from Animalz

And that's where WriterZen's AI writing feature shines: 

WriterZen review on Capterra

WriterZen review on Capterra

WriterZen AI Assistant

Eager to see how WriterZen is different and fits into your entire SEO workflow for producing top-ranking content? 

Let's go. 

It Simplifies Content Research & Briefing Workflows

Senior Content Writer at said this about the importance of research:

"Research is like a foundation stone of [content writing]. It defines your path and goals. It's easy to walk down a road when you know where it will take you. While strategizing, you need to engage in deep research on every step to make sure that you are on the right track."

In other words, great content pieces are built on the foundation of great content research. It's why we fit WriterZen's AI writing feature into a 3-step content creation workflow to simplify this crucial research process. 

Eager to see how it works? 

Just choose a keyword, and it’ll crunch data from the top 20 ranking Google pages, giving you an idea of the right track your piece should take.

Here's what it looks like for this piece you're reading:

WriterZen's AI writing feature

Our AI then summarizes the main points on each top-ranking page. 

It also simplifies research by allowing you to include relevant points and headings in your own content brief and outline in one click, which you can edit: 

This AI Writing Tool helps you include relevant points and headings

That’s not all.

There’s the AI Assistant Playground with over 60+ AI writing templates. 

With this, you can easily rewrite or generate new ideas by choosing existing content from the top-ranking pages for your own outline or content.

Take a look: 

AI Assistant Playground helps you rewrite or generate new ideas by choosing existing content from the top-ranking pages

Despite all these, our tool isn't designed to replace you. 

Instead, it simplifies the research, briefing, and outlining processes, so you can easily edit this outline to make it more contextual. 

We did just that to finally outline this one you're reading:

WriterZen helps you easily edit the outline to make it more contextual

It Sharpens Content Creation Directions

Besides your target keyword, what other keywords and search phrases should be addressed when drafting your content?

Before now, you'll need hours of learning how to do SEO keyword research to answer that question.

How about we optimize the use of AI to eliminate those hours of long research? 

To address that important problem, we fit AI into the 2nd step of WriterZen's content writing workflow to solve this. 

It sharpens your content creation directions by showing you competitive and opportunity keywords and search phrases to include in your draft.

What's more? 

WriterZen doesn't stop at giving you a comprehensive list of competitive and opportunity keywords to choose from and address when drafting. It’s built this way to enable the AI to automatically assist you in generating a list of pre-set keywords and search queries your draft should address when you start drafting: 

Competitor and opportunity keywords pre-set for you

It Completes & Better Articulates Your Thoughts

Writing is simply an articulation of your thoughts. 

Going through the deep research process and knowing the potential direction of your content gives you ideas of what to write. But often, when it's time to write, we still struggle to articulate those ideas clearly.

Sometimes it's writer's block. 

Other times, it's expanding your thoughts or expressing them in simple English, so your target audience can easily understand it like a child would.

So it begs the question: 

Can we infuse AI into the writing workflow, so instead of generating ‌irrelevant content, it helps us expand our thoughts, express, and simplify our thoughts?  

WriterZen's AI feature ticks those boxes. 

It helps you expand on ideas gathered in your research and outlining stages right there in its clean and easy-to-use editor. 

For instance, to get a headstart, you could ask it to write something on the question I addressed earlier in this piece, "Will AI Writing Replace Human Content Writers?:"

This AI Writing Tool helps you simplify written text

From what it provides, you can simply jump in, polish it better, and make it more relevant to your target audience without starting from scratch. We did that to keep that section of this piece relevant to you. 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Besides over 60 writing and rewriting templates available at the click of a few buttons, WriterZen also helps you simplify written text, so your target reader can understand it like a child would:

This AI Writing Tool helps you check and get rid of plagiarized content

AI generates content from already existing content. 

So it makes sense to double-check that what it generates or rewrites for you isn't plagiarized. And what better way to do this than to use AI to checkmate itself? 

WriterZen puts AI to another vital use for that. 

After drafting, you can use it to check and get rid of plagiarized content: 

This AI Writing Tool helps you check and get rid of plagiarized content

The aim of designing WriterZen AI writing feature this way is simple.

So it fits nicely into your entire content writing workflow. And instead of trying to replace you, it makes you more productive and better at crafting higher-ranking SEO-optimized content your customers will love. 

Does all of this make sense? 

If so...

Fit AI into Your Content Writing Workflow the Right Way

Brad Smith is the Founder of Codeless, another top content agency. As one with dozens of writers, like Animalz, he too has tried AI for content writing. 

In this Forbes' report by Annie Brown, Brad said

“Most good content builds on itself. So you might lay the groundwork for an argument in the first section and then come back later to build on top of that reader’s new understanding in the fourth section or paragraph.

The trouble with AI is that it can’t reference itself in that way. Its knowledge of a few topics are completely isolated from each other, so it can’t ‘connect the dots’ that your reader would importantly be expecting to see.” 

Brad made two crucial points there, and here's the 1st. 

Great content builds on itself. 

And it starts from the foundational research phase, finding the right SEO keywords to outline and build a content brief in the 2nd and 3rd sections, etc. All of these are essential before you get to writing your first paragraphs. So by fitting AI into this vital research step like WriterZen does, the process is easier for you. 

Here's Brad's 2nd point. 

While AI has extensive knowledge of topics available on the web, it can't connect the dots on its own. Yes, it can give you a content drafting head start, rewrite, or expand your ideas with 60+ templates.

But there's still a need for you to connect those crucial dots and make your content relevant to your target audience by optimizing it properly.

Per our customer's reviews, WriterZen fits in nicely for that: 

WriterZen review on G2

WriterZen AI Assistant

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