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How To Repurpose Content for Email Campaigns

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| Apr 12 | 6 min read
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How To Repurpose Content for Email Campaigns

You've spent hours crafting content, but is it reaching its full potential?

Consider this: 65% of marketers find repurposing existing material more cost-effective than creating new.

This blog post will reveal how to breathe fresh life into your content by funneling it into powerful email campaigns.

Discover strategies that transform old gems into fresh wins.

Excited yet?

Keep reading.

What Is Content Repurposing For Email Campaigns?

Content repurposing for emails means taking something you've already made (blog posts, podcasts, or YouTube videos) and contextualizing it for a warm audience in your email list.

This isn't just copying and pasting though—it's about tweaking things so they fit perfectly into an email campaign that pops into someone's inbox.

Repurposing your content can give it a fresh boost.

Say you have a social media post that got lots of likes; turn that into an engaging email story. Or maybe there's a podcast episode with great tips—summarize those points for subscribers hungry for knowledge without the time to listen.

It's all about using what you already have to connect with your audience.

Why Repurpose Content for Email Campaigns

Repurposing content for your email campaigns isn't just a savvy move.

It's an efficient method to squeeze every drop of value from your existing materials.

Most people are under the impression that every piece of content on each platform is new.

That's false.

Think about it: by recycling top-performing assets, you're not only maximizing resources but also ensuring that engaging content lands directly in the inboxes of those who missed it on other platforms.

Three Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Content for Email Campaign

Saves Time and Money

Content creation is extremely time-consuming.

So unless you're willing to fork out cash to have a dedicated content team for each vertical platform, repurposing is the next best thing.

Imagine turning a single piece of content into emails that resonate with subscribers across different touchpoints; you've saved resources and maximized impact without starting from scratch each time.

Nuture Existing Subscribers

Repurposing your social media posts, blog articles, or YouTube videos for email campaigns is like casting a wider net into the ocean of internet users.

Every time you transform old content and send it out as an email, you're giving additional value to warm subscribers who may not have seen it previously.

This strategy taps into diverse groups that make up your target audience, especially those 79% influenced by user-generated content when they make purchases. Sharing social media polls' results through emails can also draw new crowds.

It turns casual readers into engaged subscribers, keen on what others think about your brand.

You'll hit different segments with tailored messages without creating anything new from scratch.

Extends Content’s Longevity

Your hard work deserves a long life. Turn your blog posts, podcasts, and videos into fresh emails to make old content new again.

Imagine a high-performing tweet post getting a second wind when sent directly to the inboxes of people who missed it.

That’s giving your content a set of new eyes.

Now, think about all those social media snippets you’ve posted.

They're not just fleeting moments; they can be reborn as engaging stories within your emails.

Picture transforming vibrant images from Instagram Stories into eye-catching email visuals that capture attention all over again.

If you're new to email campaigns and wondering where to begin, this comprehensive guide on how to start a newsletter can set you on the right path. 

Don't just create once and forget about it.

Types of Content to Repurpose for Email Campaigns

From insightful blogs to engaging podcast episodes, there's a treasure trove of content at your fingertips just waiting to be transformed into captivating emails.

Let's go over some of them.

Text-Based Social Media Content

Text-based social media content from X (formerly Twitter) or LinkedIn are usually short, bite-sized snippets.

They're easily used to validate ideas and their performance can be observed by the engagement received.

So here's my suggestion:

  1. Filtering the best ones into relevant topic buckets

  2. Find a problem faced by your target audience

  3. Use each social media post as either a list item or a step in a guide

  4. Package it into a medium to long-form email

Your subscribers will enjoy the fresh twist on content they may have missed scrolling through their feeds.

As a bonus, link the posts within the email to create a "viral loop."

This sends additional traffic to your social media profiles.

Blog Content

Your blog content is a goldmine for your email campaigns.

Take the posts that already interest your readers and give them the extra sauce in emails.

Maybe you have an article packed with expert advice or tips—turn those into a series of quick lessons for an email course to keep subscribers engaged.

Example of Repurposing Blog Post to Newsletter

WriterZen's Newsletter

Let me break it down:

  1. Search your Google Search Console or Google Analytics for the highest-traffic articles

  2. Identify snippets within the blog post that can be further elaborated

  3. Create a lead magnet or a content upgrade that can only be accessed by signing up for your email list

  4. Reference the article in the email while giving additional value

You don't need to come up with something new.

Think about it this way, the additional value could have been in the blog post but you intentionally omitted it for email subscribers instead.


Podcasts are audio gems perfect for email marketing campaigns.

You can share snippets or exciting highlights with subscribers who might prefer listening over reading.

Here are a few snippets you can include before linking back to the full episode:

  • Include a catchy quote

  • Embed a short audio clip

  • Transcribe sections of the podcast as an email

Repurpose Podcast to Email

UI Breakfast Podcast’s Newsletter

Podcasts offer rich material like interviews with experts, storytelling sessions, or quick tips that can easily spice up an email newsletter.

This way, you tap into different learning styles and preferences among your audience, keeping everyone engaged and looking forward to more.

YouTube Videos

We can all agree that creating a YouTube video is probably the most resource-intensive endeavor.

It would be a waste not to repurpose all the value within it.

Much like podcasts, it can be repurposed the same way.

In addition, you can include video deleted scenes within the email to incentivize signups.

Tips for Repurposing Content

Reimagine your existing masterpieces with a fresh twist—your content deserves a second life in the inbox. Let's unlock strategies to ensure that each repurposed piece feels tailored for email, resonating powerfully within this personal space.

Tips for Repurposing Content

Updating Existing Content

Take a fresh look at your old blog posts, social media updates, or videos. They are gold mines for email campaigns. Give them a new life by adding recent statistics, updating product information, or highlighting user-generated content.

For example, if you have an insightful podcast episode from last year, update it with new findings and share it in your newsletter.

Consider those user-generated images on social media; they can be powerful tools when refreshed with permission and featured in emails. It shows real people loving your products and builds trust among subscribers.

Keep tweaking website product descriptions too – these can turn into compelling email stories that show off your best sellers or hidden gems.

Adapting Content to Fit the New Channel

Make your content work for email. You'll need to tweak it so that it fits the style and expectations of people reading their emails. For example, grab key points from a blog post and turn them into a short, punchy summary for an email newsletter.

Keep sentences brief – you want to capture interest quickly without overwhelming readers with too much information at once.

Consider how videos usually shared on social media can spark more engagement in emails. Cut these down to clips or feature captivating thumbnails linked to the full video online. This way, subscribers get a taste and can choose to dive deeper if they wish.

It keeps emails quick to consume yet rich with content. Now let's look at effective ways you can repurpose that very content into an exciting email campaign.

Final Thoughts

You've got the tools to transform your content into email gold.

Remember, repurposing isn't just smart—it's strategic.

Give those blog posts, videos, and social snippets new life in your subscribers' inboxes.

With creativity and a little tweaking, you'll engage different audiences without starting from scratch every time.


Start repurposing.

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